The Glaucoma set is regarded as the definitive (human) glaucoma text and has been written by the world’s leading authorities & surgeons.

Volume 1: Medical Diagnosis and Therapy


Selected highlights/chapters include:

Pathogenesis of Glaucomatous Optic Neuropathy, Aqueous Humor Dynamics & Intraocular Pressure Elevation, Mechanical Stress and Restructuring of the Optic Nerve Head, Role of Vascular Blood Flow in Pathogenesis, Electrophysiological testing, Gonioscopy & UBM, Impact of Corneal Biomechanics on Tonometry, Ocular, Hypertension, Pigmentary Glaucoma, Normal Tension Glaucoma, Uveitic Glaucoma, Target IOP, Prostagladin Analogs, Neuroprotection / Neurogeneration

Chapter authors include:

George Spaeth, Ted Krupin, Roger Hitchings, Claude Burgoyne, James Brandt, Neil Choplin, Michael Kass, Robert Ritch, Keith Barton, Norbert Pfeiffer, Len Levin & Robert Weinreb

Volume 2: Surgical Management


Selected highlights/chapters include:

When to Perform Glaucoma Surgery, Lowering IOP: Surgery Versus Medications, Early Post-operative Increase in IOP, Aqueous Misdirection, One-site Combined Surgery / Two-site Combined Surgery, Combined Cataract and Glaucoma Drainage Implant Surgery, Choice of Implant, Surgical Drainage Implant Technique, Postoperative Complications, Aqueous Shunts After Retinal Surgery, Modulation of Wound Healing, Endophotocoagulation, Cyclodestructive Procedures

Chapter authors include:

Michael Van Buskirk, Clive Migdal, Eve Higginbotham, David Broadway, Doug Rhee, Eli Dahan, Jeff Freedman, Dale Heuer, Anthony Molteno, George Baerveldt, Peter Netland, Douglas Esson, Gregory Schultz, Don Minckler, Peng Khaw, Mark Sherwood & Tarek Shaarawy

Veterinary Ophthalmology


Veterinary Ophthalmology is regarded as the defining veterinary ophthalmology text, now in its fourth edition. It serves as a clinical guide and reference for veterinarians and ophthalmologists as well as required reading for students and residents.

Volume 1

Selected highlights/chapters include:

Ophthalmic anatomy, physiology of the eye, ocular immunology, clinical pharmacology & therapeutics, ocular imaging, diagnostics & ultrasonography, electrodiagnostic evaluation of vision

Chapter authors include:

Don Samuelson, Glenwood Gum, Douglas Esson, Kirk Gelatt, Alan Regnier, Bruce Grahn, Frank Ollivier,

Volume 2

Selected highlights/chapters include:

Diseases and surgery of the canine orbit, cornea & sclera, anterior uvea, and lens, the canine glaucomas, feline ophthalmology, equine ophthalmology, laboratory animal ophthalmology, exotic animal ophthalmology

Chapter authors include:

Bernard Spiess, Diane Hendrix, Ellison Bentley, David Wilkie, Dennis Brooks, Wendy Townsend, David Williams, Thomas Kern