Prepare for Your Visit

If you should ever have a question or concern regarding your pet’s ocular health, we can be reached at any time by calling our location nearest you.

In case of an emergency

If you are calling outside of regular business hours, our voice mail system will have an option for you to page the on-call doctor. The doctor is notified and will return your call within 15 minutes. If a doctor does not return your call quickly, it may be that the doctor is performing emergency surgery on another pet. If this is the case, you can be assured that the doctor will call you back just as soon as he/she is available.

The following is a list of symptoms to watch for regarding your pet’s ocular health.

  • Squinting or holding eye(s) shut
  • Scratching or rubbing at eye(s)
  • Excessive green or yellow discharge
  • Swelling of the eye(s) or eyelid(s)
  • A change in color, especially cloudiness or redness

Scheduling appointments

You can schedule appointments at any of our locations most convenient to you. You can be assured that your pet’s complete medical record will be available, whichever office you choose as long as the originating office is notified.

It is important that we re-examine your pet even if the condition is chronic. This ensures that the condition has not worsened, secondary conditions have not developed and that the current medication regimen is correct. Overdue examinations may result in delays or denials of medication refills and may compromise your pet’s well being.

Payment Options

Eye Care for Animals understands the special place in your heart that your pet holds. We know that providing the best care for your pet is important to you, but sometimes the cost of care can make it difficult to be able to afford what your pet needs and deserves. For more flexible payment options we have teamed up with Scratchpay and CareCredit to offer a variety of financing options with approved credit. For more information on Scratchpay and CareCredit, please go to the practice location page nearest you or ask one of our Client Care Representatives during your visit.


We suggest making the appointment at least one week in advance for weekday appointments and three weeks in advance for Saturday appointments.

Tonometry check (Pressure check)

A pressure check can be scheduled Monday thru Friday. In these appointments, a doctor usually will not be seen. A technician will measure the intraocular pressure and report to a doctor for medication amendments/recommendations. If the doctor feels it is necessary they may do a full examination or come in to consult at that time.

Surgery/Intensive treatment

When scheduling surgery, please contact our office two weeks in advance to ensure your preferred doctor’s availability and to allow for any necessary pre-surgical treatment.

Canceling or Rescheduling Appointment

If you need to cancel or reschedule an appointment, kindly give us 24 hours notice.

Medication Refills

Request for medications can be made by calling the main number of each office and leaving the request in the medication refill mailbox. You may also speak directly with any member of our office staff to assist you in that request. Please be sure to have the name of the medication available when calling. Kindly give us 24 hours notice to ensure that an authorized staff member is available to fill your medication request. Many of the medications we prescribe can also be picked up at a human pharmacy by prescription. Some preparations are available over-the-counter. For your convenience, we do offer the option of mailing some prescriptions to your home address. This does include an additional shipping charge. When prescriptions are mailed, you may pay by phone with a credit card.

*** It is important to bring all medications with you to each appointment so that we can assist you in determining if refills are needed. ***