National Service Dog Free Eye Exam May 2010


Certified working service dogs are being offered free screening eye examinations at  Eye Care for Animals locations during the month of May 2010.  This is the third year this event has been held nationally by the American College of Veterinary Ophthalmologists® in association with board-certified veterinary ophthalmologists. This year we have extended the event to take place the entire month of May in order to accommodate these animals who selflessly serve the public for no compensation.

Screening eye examinations can detect ocular diseases at an early stage when treatment can be most successful, thereby helping preserve the sight of these dogs whose partners depend upon them. Certified working service dogs include guide dogs, handicapped assistance dogs, detection dogs, and search and rescue dogs. Having the dogs screened is extremely reassuring due to the importance of the work they do for the community.

Qualified participants must register online at  A registration number for the dog will be assigned and will be required to schedule an appointment.  Once registration is complete, participants may call an Eye Care for Animals location to schedule an appointment for their dog’s free eye exam during the month of May 2010. Appointments are limited, so register and call today!

Eye Care for Animals has facilities in Arizona, California, Illinois, Kansas, Maryland, Nevada, New Mexico, Ohio, Texas, Utah, Virginia and Wisconsin, and is dedicated to providing the finest in veterinary ophthalmology services.  Their staff of board certified ophthalmologists provides the highest level of care, education, and understanding to their clients and their animal companions. For more information visit

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