Ophthalmology Internship

The ophthalmology intern will attend educational and scientific weekly ophthalmology rounds. The intern will be highly supervised, present at all appointments and surgeries with selected surgical procedures performed by the intern after the first few months. The intern will also be responsible for scheduled weekend emergency duty. With experience, the intern is responsible for client and referring veterinarian communication, managing “in hospital” cases, coordinating “in house” referrals with the medicine and surgical services.


Applications for ophthalmology internships can be downloaded here. The application form requires Adobe Reader software to read and print.

Interns who have completed a general small animal or equine internship and are pursuing an ophthalmology residency are encouraged to email their completed application along with supporting documentation to ecfa-residency@thrivepet.com

or contact Dr. Annora Gaerig, Residency Committee Chairperson at annora.gaerig@thrivepet.com or ecfa-residency@thrivepet.com