Dr. Esson’s patient, Iris, is on the move

UPDATE (03/21/2013): Since her release in December, Iris has been busily traveling along the Southern California Coast. After spending a brief amount of time in Point Loma, San Diego and off the coast of the Coronado Islands, Iris make her way west to San Clemente Island in December where she currently remains.

In August, Dr. Doug Esson, BVSc, MRCVS, DVM, DACVO performed cataract surgery on then four-month-old Iris, a Pacific Harbor Seal that was rescued by SeaWorld animal rescue team in San Diego, CA. Iris was functionally blind and unable to hunt for food leaving her severely dehydrated and underweight. After a successful operation and three months of rehabilitation Iris’s vision has been restored and she is ready to return to the sea.

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