Eye Care for Animals Joins Pathway™

Eye Care for Animals (ECFA), with over 50 practices in 16 states, has joined Pathway, a rapidly growing veterinary practice ownership and management company with over 60 locations in 13 states, to become the Ophthalmology Division of Pathway.

This combination brings together the two organizations to better allow them to serve the changing veterinary marketplace.  Founder and board member of ECFA, Reuben Merideth, DVM, DACVO, acknowledged, “A transformation has taken place in veterinary private practice. By pooling resources, as ECFA and Pathway have done, it enables us to stay relevant in the industry.”

Pathway CEO, Stephen Hadley, DVM, MS, stated, “As Pathway continues to expand our business through the provision of new resources and new opportunities, it’s particularly exciting to count ECFA as our ophthalmology specialty partner.  As the leader in veterinary ophthalmology with a world class residency program, ECFA is the perfect partner for Pathway.  Further, ECFA’s existing growth model fits nicely into Pathway’s strategy.”

Commenting on the desirability of the combination, Dr. Merideth explained, “Finding a partner with a similar culture and shared core values was critical in our decision to join Pathway. The ability to share best practices will enable us to serve clients and patients even better and is a benefit to our employees.”

This transaction allows Pathway to continue to expand its specialty practices around the country and ECFA to maintain its commitment to focus on serving the ocular needs of pet patients and nurturing professional relationships with referring veterinarians who trust ECFA doctors to provide state of the art ocular care.

The partnership with ECFA brings Pathway’s rapidly growing, nationwide presence of general, emergency and specialty practices to more than 120 locations in 25 states.

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